"How to do?"

Use a micro pin or microneedle mounting tool.

Do subcision

While doing, there will be a perfect drug stimulating the creation of new skin cells

  • "What does it help?"
    Accelerate the shallow wells faster
    Pores become firmer.
    Facial skin areas without holes are more radiant.
  • "When will I see results?"
    Since the first time

For good performance, the doctor will recommend doing 5 times, each time about 3-4 weeks apart

30 minutes before doing the anesthetic.

The process takes 15-20 minutes.

After the procedure, there will be red marks for about 6 hours. The area with holes may have red marks for 1-2 days because the doctor will focus on that area especially.

No scabs or peeling skin

ราคาครั้งละ 6,500 บาทff

The price of 5 courses is 25,900 baht