We believe that when people look better and more confident,

they will have a better chance of life, whether women or men. The doctor has understood deeply that the problems and needs of each patient are different. Therefore, the doctor will give an advice first in every time to solve the problems that the patients have worried about directly and recommend the suitable things to each patient which will be different because the beauty is no strict formula, so it must be analyzed and designed to adjust each face shape, so the doctor can pull out the individuality perfectly and naturally at the Lively clinic.

Our doctor graduated from the Residency Training directly. So, our doctor can take care of all skip types as well as an expert in facial adjustment by the training from Korea You can be confident with our high quality of services and medicines because the doctor will manage and investigate the quality in every step of all products in the clinic. The doctor has tried on himself when the doctors found that it is good and safe, so it could be used with patients.