“Hair Remover Laser”


⚡️Diode Laser 808 nm

We provide latest laser technology for hair removal. The energy targeted melanocytes at hair follicles without any skin burning or pain. Once every 3-4 weeks is recommended for the treatment. Hair shaft will be thinner at each treatment and finally disappeared after 5 sessions done.

  • Hair Remover Laser Promotion 
    (THB 9,900 per 5 times) 
    Hair Remover Laser Promotion 
    Bikini (Barzilian+ THB 3,000)
    (THB 15,900 per 5 times)

During the treatment, you will feel a slight pain and cool. The skin may appears pink or red, that’s normal. It'll fade away in 1-2 hours. Hair will fall out within 1-2 weeks after treatment.
 You can shave your new hair but do not pluck or wax the treated area until next session is due.
 The duration and frequency of the service depends on the number of hairs in each area, the nature and thickness of the hairs. For best results, we recommend 5-10 times of continuous service spaced 3-4 weeks.